Why Us


India has emerged as a destination of choice for business process outsourcing services. Cost efficient models coupled with the availability of vast English speaking workforce makes India a serious contender for global companies to consider outsourcing to India. Repudot Technologies being one of the best in the Indian medical transcription industry can help you as its valued and esteemed customer benefit by your decision to outsource to us:-

Cost Efficiency

Repudot Technologies can help you lower your costs and increase the overall productivity of your process through its productivity enhancing methods

Quality Assurance

Repudot Technologies sets for itself the highest standards of quality. Stringent quality measures in place ensure that quality requirements are met at all times and at all levels of work


All employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before being inducted into the production process. The workstations and servers are well protected technologically as well as physically.


With its in-house training program and with a huge pool of English-speaking and technically qualified workforce, Repudot Technologies is well positioned to address your scalability needs.